Retrofest: Where Classic Rock and Philanthropy Meet

I had this weird idea to do a tribute to Woodstock.”

In 2004, Allan Spielman was getting disenchanted with the bar scene on Long Island and was looking for a new way to share the classic music he loved to play. His “weird idea” took form initially as small shows in homage to classic festivals. Local musicians (Roger Silverberg and Hank Stone, to name a few) jumped on the bandwagon and it began to take the shape of a multi-act, feel-good event.

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Retro69's Livesteam Show at the Long Beach Public Library Theater April 11, 2021

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Retro69's Woodstock
Anniversary Summer
Tour August 13-15 Bethel NY

Retro69 Interview on Jewel Talk Pod Cast


Ep.34: Rockin & Rollin (Feat. Retro69)

Retro69 appears on Spectrum News,  8/19

Documentary from Hectors in Bethel New York, 2019 on 50th Woodstock anniversary.

From Alex Del Zappo,  Sweetwater

"These peeps have their fingers on the pulse of the 60s & 70s era and  really feel every note they play and sing! Don't miss 'em!"  


MOVIES APPEARED IN: “The More Things Change A Woodstock Memoir” by Joe Nolan,


“The Last Seat in the House” John Kane